Taylor's 2007 Vintage Port
Beautifully elegant and complete wine from the most famous Vintage Port house, the perfect balance of power and refinement. As always, one of the most highly rated Ports of the 2007 vintage. A classic.

Vargellas 2007 Vintage Port
One of the world’s rarest and most collectible wines, this iconic Vintage Port is made in tiny quantities from the very oldest vines on the Vargellas estate. 2007 is only the fifth Vargellas Vinha Velha vintage to be released.
Fonseca 2007 Vintage Port
A quintessential Fonseca, rich, potent and fruity. This will delight Fonseca connoisseurs and is a ‘must’ in any serious collection of 2007 Vintage Ports. Expressive and immensely enjoyable now but built to last for decades in the cellar.
Croft 2007 Vintage
The superb 2007 vintage port confirms Croft’s position in the top rank of Vintage Port houses. Displays the luscious fruitiness and exotic aromas which are the hallmarks of Croft’s Quinta da Roêda estate. Only a small amount made.

ccurring on average only about three times a decade, the release (or ‘declaration’) of a new classic Vintage Port is one of the most significant occasions in the wine calendar.

The recent ‘declaration’ of the 2007 vintage port is no exception.

Producers, critics and wine merchants have been unanimous in hailing 2007 as a remarkable year for Vintage Port. In contrast to other recent vintages in the Douro Valley, the grapes ripened in sunny but relatively cool conditions. The result was even and balanced ripening with perfectly healthy leaf canopies able to benefit from the warm weather which preceded the harvest and brought the crop to perfect maturity. These unique conditions expressed themselves in wonderfully elegant wines, with superb vibrant fruit quality as well as the crisp acidity and firm tannins required for a long life in bottle.

This site allows you to learn more about the 2007 harvest and about the Vintage Ports produced by the finest Port houses in this exceptional year. Those wishing to purchase one of the top 2007’s for their cellar - as an investment, as a gift to mark a special occasion or to lay down for a child or grandchild - should not delay. All these port wines are in short supply and heavy demand.


What is Vintage Port?
Vintage Port is one of the world’s great classic wines, produced in very limited quantities. The leading Port houses, such as Taylor, Fonseca and Croft, are among the longest established and most highly regarded of all wine producers.
Sir John Croft Bt.,
Baron of Serra da Estrela (1778-1862)